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Kinds of Disease on the Skin and its Drugs

Skin disease is a common infectious disease that can occur at any age. Causes of skin disorders include allergies, viruses, climate, living environment, and unhealthy living habits. Kinds of Skin Diseases include:
1. Eczema
The disease is characterized by symptoms of excessive itching of the skin and then accompanied by red, scaly, cracked skin and there are small bubbles containing water and pus. This disease often occurs in the folds of the thighs and ears, hands and feet.
2. Measles
Measles is a contagious disease caused by a virus. Symptoms of measles include fever, runny nose, headache, decreased appetite and inflammation of the eyes. After a few days will appear red rashes that itch and grow and spread on some parts of the body.
3. Herpes
The disease also includes infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.
4. Impetigo
Impetigo includes infectious diseases caused by bacteria. This disease can cause itchy skin, skin becomes red and blister filled with fluid. This disease usually affects children aged 2-4 years due to insect bites, scratches or injuries.
5. Psoriasis
These diseases include degenerative diseases and are difficult to diagnose. Psoriasis usually attacks body parts such as the lower back, palms and feet. Causes of this disease, among others, because of stress, trauma and low calcium levels.
Kind of Skin Diseases
In addition there are many more kinds of other skin diseases such as scabies ringworm. Of these skin diseases there are some skin diseases caused by fungi egpanu and ringworm. To know the type of skin disease, you must recognize the signs of symptoms first. In addition you can go doctors to know the type of skin disease so that for handling will be more appropriate. Fungal skin disease is a form of panu disease. The disease is caused by the fungus and cause itching that is very disturbing to you. This fungus can arise due to lack of attention to hygiene and skin health. Signs of symptoms are characterized by the appearance of white patches and over time will form the image of the island on the skin if not treated immediately. Panu can be removed with chemical drugs as well as natural medicines such as galangal, belimbingwuluh, sulfur, aloe vera and others.
Kind Of Skin Diseases
Scalp disease is usually a boil or lump that looks red and will enlarge. This lump feels hot and throbbing and contains pus. In addition to the head ulcers can also grow on the groin, around the neck, between the buttocks and also the armpits. Factors that cause boils include lack of self-hygiene, diabetes attenuation, clogged pores due to cosmetics and because of the use of chemicals. For that way to prevent boils can be done in a way to maintain personal hygiene, fulfillment of body nutrition to strengthen anti body. Generally Causes of skin diseases occur due to lack of maintaining the cleanliness of the body and the environment. Once you know the type of skin disease in accordance with signs of symptoms then you can buy a skin diseases cure or mix it yourself with natural ingredients which of course much safer.

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