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There are 5 Sacrifice Points Men Sometimes Not Realized By Women. very heartless

Yes actually there is no purpose to make ginian. yes just want to express aja opinion in my view (mudah2an all MEN) about women do not hurt yes, dijadiin introspection materials aja.

1. a boy with pocket money. given his parents to eat in the school cafeteria, or the transportation fee to the school. how do you guys feel that men will use all the money? he always saves for you every day, hangs hungry, holds every friend's invitation to go play and hope enough to take you on a walk on a Sunday, maybe just watch or go to dinner and then when the Sunday is in question, you answer: "duh, sorry ya I can not feel good with you today because I promise the same temen2 promise sorry yes "OR" duh, sorry really, I diajakin family out, gatau want where "YES congratulations you've managed to make the boy's heart disappointed. yes most men just say "oh yaudah gpp, next time aja" but do you know what is in his feelings? hahaha you emang great for this rich problem gini

2. if this is it I am sure among you ga will be ngerasa, but for the (feel) cewe matre ya really sorry when growing up, beautiful women will only go with a guy who has a 4-wheel vehicle when men have to compete for get yourself, they will save more mati2an in order to invite you to hang outketika you want to go, and surprised for the first time you picked up by motorcycle. direct quibble "duh my hair can be damaged" "duh siang2 gini, it's hot" OR "sorry yes there are friends who crash so must be to the hospital" (but just lazy naek motor) yah, maybe you ga know ngmg rich so, but realize you guys if the guy is hurt? And I'm sure seyakin2nya, almost all men with age 17/18 years who brought a car, they bought by their parents. Sorry! not nyindir that car hehehe. just want nyadarin girl that is so rich aja kok peace is beautiful

3. when the man becomes a lover, then anything will do to make you smile every day. sacrificing whatever it has. and maybe they sacrificed THEIR OWN FRIENDS. it can be. and when you guys ngmg "I've ga comfortable the same km" "I bored same miles" and other complaints, know yourself yes yes hehe.sadarkah you make the hearts of men crushed? yes you guys managed to get men suffering from a desperadositis syndrome. men already ngorbanin many things to you and easily talk like that. great!

4. When already married. you know? they work hard all day bones to feed you enough.
anyone know this proverb ga? "a father eats chicken eggs while his wife eats chicken meat" in the mind of a father, as long as his wife is happy is enough. if you need to eat, or just eat instant noodles, as long as the wife's son can eat he've been happy, do not like menyia2kan hard work of your husband's money.

5. When have children, have grown adults. he has difficulty financing his family, but there is one thing you should call your father / husband a robber, thief, gambler or other criminal, when the money is given to you, he willingly give it to you, and RELA RESPONDING FOR YOU
sorry if my words are offensive

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