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Tips For The Pregnant Girl Program

For those of you who are married, the presence of the baby is the most dreamed thing, is not it? The child is a precious gift, besides the child can also become a binder and realize harmony in a family whether it is male or female sex. But if you can choose, you certainly have hope to have a daughter or a boy, so that your family feels complete. And on this occasion we will give some pregnant girls tips that you can apply when going to pregnancy program.
How Can Pregnant Girls?
In today's modern era, we can choose everything we want, including choosing the sex of the baby we want. Moreover, medical technology that has developed rapidly and various research related to pregnancy program also make the chance of success of pregnancy program getting higher. As we know men have X and Y chromosomes while women have X and X chromosomes. If at conception, X chromosomes that successfully fertilize an egg will produce a female baby. Medium if the Y chromosome who managed to fertilize the egg to eat will produce a boy. This happens naturally, but we can plan according to the characteristics of sperm cells during conception. And the following practical tips pregnant girls you can do.
1. Condition of Wife
The condition of the wife greatly determines the sex of the child, especially related to the level of vaginal acidity and wife's fertile period. To have a daughter, the acidic vaginal condition will be more beneficial, because in this condition the Y sperm cells will die faster. To increase the acidity of the vagina you can increase the consumption of red meat or seafood for women and consumption of vegetables for men, in addition to the practical way you wash the vagina with a mixture of 1 cup of mineral water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. In addition, given the longer X chromosome survive, you who want a girl is also advised to have sex approximately 3-4 days before the fertile period. Because if at the time of ovulation and which is left only X chromosome then most likely your baby will be female.
2. Related Position
In addition to the condition of the wife, other things that affect the sex of the child during pregnancy is a position when having sex. For that exact position and recommended is the position of the wife under and husband above with young face to face. In this position the sperm will be slightly restrained and not directly into the cervix, and to increase the chances of conceiving a girl should have sex regularly before the fertile period.
3. Penetration
Penetration becomes the last tip to conceive a girl. To be able to conceive a more demanding child is superficial penetration, This is done so that the distance to the egg is further away to increase the chances of X chromosome in survival. In addition, when having sex, the wife is also encouraged to avoid orgasm so that the acidity of the vagina remains stable.
Thus some tips pregnant girls that we can convey. All the above tips are limited to the effort you can do with the percentage of 90%, to 100% is the destiny of the Creator, for that keep trying and praying, hopefully useful ..
Description: Girls pregnancy tips you can do to plan your pregnancy program, but it should still be accompanied by a sincere prayer, so that the results you get in accordance with what you want.

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