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Know the High Cholesterol Level Signs

Basically cholesterol in the blood can increase and decrease along with the condition of the body. And before cholesterol turns into bad cholesterol can be prevented and lowered so as not to cause a variety of dangerous diseases. High cholesterol can be anticipated if the public can be aware of the symptoms of high cholesterol that arises, but given the high signs of cholesterol is not too significant, many of those with high cholesterol are not aware of the disease, and result in delays in handling. So how do we know the signs of high cholesterol levels in the body ??
Symptoms that arise due to high cholesterol
It is undeniable, many people are not aware of high cholesterol signs, this is because cholesterol is used in the body and is one of the ingredients that are needed by the body in the formation of several hormones. But every disease must have symptoms, high cholesterol is usually accompanied by a number of signs which include the onset of pain in the back of the head or neck even sometimes this pain spreads to the shoulder, easily tired, often feeling sleepy and swollen feet. If you experience these symptoms there is no harm in immediately conducting a laboratory test to determine cholesterol levels in the body.
In addition, if the cholesterol level is higher, there will be further signs such as cramps at night, especially in the heel, toes, and lower legs. Besides that, the color of the nails also began to change, the thickening and the growth of nails slowed due to lack of blood intake in the nails which was eventually accompanied by changes in the skin. When you experience these high cholesterol signs you should see a doctor immediately, so you can get medical attention immediately. Because if left unchecked without any treatment, it can be fatal, and can even result in sudden heart attacks.
How to prevent high cholesterol?
After seeing signs of high cholesterol, maybe some of you feel scared. High cholesterol is not considered something frightening, because cholesterol levels in the body can be prevented and reduced by appropriate treatments. What he means by changing a healthy lifestyle and doing a healthy diet program. Where in the research results, weight loss can significantly reduce bad cholesterol levels, and increase HDL levels or good cholesterol. This certainly will make the body better and reduce the risk of heart disease.
In addition, after experiencing symptoms of high cholesterol, you can consume good foods to accelerate cholesterol reduction, such as avocado, starfruit, apple vinegar, and high fiber foods. Such are some high cholesterol signs that you must know, hopefully the information that we have delivered is useful for you ...
Description: High cholesterol signs must be understood by the public, even though the symptoms that arise are not too significant but will be very useful if you realize it early.

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