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What Cholesterol Abstinence Must Be Avoided ???

High cholesterol is one of the things that is avoided by many people, especially those who are above normal. This is because high cholesterol levels in the blood can cause various diseases such as heart and stroke due to narrowing of blood vessels. Therefore many cholesterol restrictions must be avoided so that blood cholesterol levels do not soar, especially related to dietary restrictions and cholesterol-rich drinking. what are these restrictions ??
High Cholesterol Abstinence Foods
The first cholesterol abstinence is related to food. This is because bad cholesterol is widely found in foods, especially high-fat foods, fried foods and foods with high protein. In addition, high cholesterol sufferers are also prohibited from consuming foods that are high in saturated fat. Foods that are high in cholesterol include poultry meat that has deep fat, such as chicken meat and duck meat, especially those cooked with their skin. livestock meat is also one of the foods that are high in cholesterol, especially beef and mutton, in addition to livestock meat, processed meat is also quite dangerous for people with high cholesterol, such as sausages, corned beef and other processed meat, this is because in processed meat contains a lot of fat that is included in the processing.
Eels, seafood and various kinds of innards also become a taboo for cholesterol that must be avoided. Some seafood have very high cholesterol levels such as shrimp, snails and various types of shellfish. In addition there are still many processed foods that are high in cholesterol such as processed cakes that contain eggs, butter and milk, coconut milk and coconut oil, and processed foods that contain lots of sugar. Processed foods that are processed by baking also need to be avoided, especially those that contain lots of butter, such as roasted corn, pizza and various other types of baked goods.
Drink Abstinence from High cholesterol
In addition to food, several types of drinks also become cholesterol restrictions, including milk and coffee. Milk is a high calcium drink, drinks and vitamins that are very good when consumed, but this is not for cholesterol sufferers, this is because milk contains a lot of fat and cream that can increase blood cholesterol levels drastically. Besides milk, coffee is also a thing that should be avoided, especially processed coffee that has been mixed with milk and cream. If you want to consume coffee occasionally, choose black coffee without any mixture, and you should choose low-fat sugar.
For cholesterol sufferers must also pay attention to their daily activities. Although sufferers are encouraged to exercise, heavy exercise activities should be avoided because they can cause sudden heart attacks. So some cholesterol restrictions that must be avoided, hopefully useful ...
Descriptive: Abstinence from cholesterol that must be avoided by people with high cholesterol, including foods and drinks high in fat and cholesterol and heavy activities that can cause a sudden heart attack.

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