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Is Leucorrhea Dilute Like Water? This is the reason

Leucorrhoea or flour albus is a form of fluid that comes out of the female organs which is the result of abnormal vaginal secretions. Although the majority of women experience it, but vaginal discharge also cannot be considered trivial. Leucorrhoea can arise due to several physiological or normal things that occur due to hormonal changes and pathologically caused by certain medical conditions. So how about watery liquid like water? Is it classified as normal or abnormal type of vaginal discharge? Next we will review it for you.
Harmful is Leucorrhoea Dilute Like Water?
Leucorrhoea is an old issue for women, but the lack of care for women, this issue is often taken lightly and tends to be trivialized. Even though not all vaginal discharge can be said to be normal and can be fatal if it's too late to be handled. Some of the consequences of abnormal vaginal discharge include infertility or if it occurs during pregnancy can result in pregnancy outside the womb. Not only that there are several types of leucorrhoea that mark a medical disorder, such as the growth of microorganisms in the tissues of female organs to become the initial symptoms of cancer or sexually transmitted diseases that can lead to death. For this reason, you should know the types of vaginal discharge, especially watery leucorrhea such as water.
Leucorrhoea general fluids are generally characterized by several characteristics which have a clear white, slimy color depending on the hormonal cycle, and do not cause complaints such as smell, itching, heat in femininity or pain when urinating. And if the vaginal discharge is attached to the underwear it will look bright yellow. Then runny leucorrhea like water can be considered normal or not? In some cases leucorrhoea like water may seem like normal vaginal discharge in general, but if you experience this symptom it needs to be alert, because it can be a symptom of infection or a serious illness.
Causes of Dilute Leucorrhoea Like Water
Watery leucorrhoea such as water can be one of the characteristics of abnormal vaginal discharge, because it can cause itching in the female area. Dilute vaginal discharge can indicate a herpes infection due to an open wound in the vagina. Leucorrhoea like this is not too dangerous, but if the color turns brownish or grayish and is accompanied by blood spots or foul odors, then immediately check this abnormality, because it can indicate a more severe infection or even a symptom of infectious disease or cancer.
Irregular vaginal discharge can be caused by a number of things which include unhealthy food, stress, health problems such as high sugar levels and a wrong lifestyle, especially lifestyle related to female organs such as the use of pants that are too tight with ingredients uncomfortable, too long use of sanitary napkins, and the use of public toilets that allow for some diseases or viruses to be transmitted by other people.
To prevent runny leucorrhea such as abnormal water, there are a number of tips you can do, which include changing your underwear frequently when sweating, avoiding using tight pants, using panty liners as needed, frequently changing pads when menstruation, and try to avoid use of feminine products containing fragrances or can damage the tissues of female organs. Finally clean your female organs with the direction from front to back. May be useful..
Description: Watery leucorrhoea like water can be one of the symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge because it can cause itching in the female area

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