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The Best and Strongest Defense Formation of TH 8 COC

Defense of COC 8 - TH 8 is an intermediate level in the CoC game which has quite a high challenge. At this stage you will be faced with a strong opponent with a strong defense. To be able to survive at this stage you also have to have the best base formation, at TH 8 base, you will be given several new buildings that allow you to make many base combinations. Since this TH 8 is very vulnerable to attack, you must make a strong defense.
COC Design Type
There are several COC designs that you should pay attention to to make a strong defense or base. The type of COC design includes farming which is focused on shielding 12 of the opponents. The characteristic of this type is to put Town Hall outside the wall, while all loots are placed inside the wall which minimizes losses when attacking. The next type is the Trophy which is the opposite of the farming type. So this type of defense is focused on protecting the village and doesn't really care about loot. And the last type of COC 8 defense is hybrid, which is a combination of farming types and trophy types.
The Best TH 8 COC Defense Formation
For base farming, the right COC 8 type defense formation is basic farming that uses symmetrical tower and mortar wizards to protect the storage area. In this defense the attacker will have enough difficulty to attack Dark Elixir because at least it must pass through several layers of walls. You can also use the Splash Waterpark type that places the wizard tower and 2 mortars to protect the storage compartment. This defense is a super safe base because it is centered as a 2-way attack.
While for the most proven type of defense trophy to maintain damage is the type of fragmented with its trapways and type of symetry which tempts the attacker to focus on the elixir which is under the base. And the best COC 8 hybrid base type is the rotor type by placing the splash tower in the middle. And the last type of defense is a clan war with anti-hog defenses aimed at so that stronger opponents cannot easily destroy the base. In addition to anti-hog, cubicle is also a strong base type with the use of tower wizards and mortars on the outside.
To be able to achieve success in defense of COC 8, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to, namely no base that can withstand all attacks so build a strong defense using mortars and wizard towers besides that use a winding wall and full of traps to slaughter troops opponent.
Description: Defense of coc th 8 is the stage where patience is tested, besides being more vulnerable to attacks you are also required to upgrade all defenses and troops.

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